Bridging the English barrier
to your success

As a Business English and Communication Coach with more than 15 years experience, I’m approached by successful people from diverse industries whose lives are being affected by a deep-rooted communication barrier. The inability to effectively communicate in English is limiting them, blocking them from applying for a new position, from giving a lecture or workshop abroad, from being promoted, from reaching their goals, from completely fulfilling themselves. That’s why I created POWER English...

Working with managers and professionals, I’ve met the barriers holding them back, recognizing the gap they often feel between ‘who they are in mother tongue and who they are in English’. I’ve studied and researched the art of communication & language, and together with vast professional experience have developed an approach combining language, communication and self-confidence. I’m Barbara Power Peretz and my goal is to have you reach your dream and bridge the communication barrier to your success.


Power English Solutions

Tailor made coaching for leaders, managers and professionals

Tailor made coaching for leaders, managers and professionals...
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Customized trainings for small groups and teams...
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Customized trainings for small groups and teams

Skills & tools for today’s global business world...
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Skills & tools for today’s global business world

Experiential talk bringing new insight to succeed in today’s global world...
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Enriching presentation bringing new insight to succeed in today’s global world



In ten sessions Barbara was able to
raise the bar for me
Igor Yurovski

"Following a strategic decision to go global, I met with Barbara to work on my business profile and email writing. Thanks to Barbara, AFRICANI is now on an international level. I more than recommend working with Barbara on any project that needs communicating and messaging in English – she’s the best!"

Founder & CEO

"Let's start with the end. Barbara is absolutely amazing! In ten sessions Barbara was able to raise the bar for me, precisely to the level I aimed for. She did it smoothly, with a great smile, positive attitude in a very professional manner."

Ido Ariely

VP Business Development

“I greatly enjoy discussing and brainstorming different business challenges with Barbara and to get her unique perspective on the situation and possible ways of action.”

David Tomer

General Manager

"Barbara is a true professional, creating meaningful and effective sessions, preparing action tasks and material to continue working in-between meetings."

Oren Zilberstein

Head of Assets Dept.

Ofer Assor

Data Strategy Lead, Risk Technology

"Global MBA application processes are complex and challenging. Barbara was the light at the end of each application tunnel. She is TRULY phenomenal at distilling core ideas and concepts, and conveying them. The support she provided along the way was priceless for me. I recommend Barbara with all my heart, she is by far your best option."

She is TRULY phenomenal at distilling core
ideas and concepts, and conveying them
Oded Kiva

Fabricators Marketing Manager

"Barbara gave me the confidence to bring out my inner English and express myself in front of other people. I can’t thank her enough."

She is definitely the best and most professional
communication coach to work with!
Efrat Rimmer

"Barbara knew how to work with me through a wider approach using her amazing coaching skills and sharp understanding of business situations, while all the time aiming for results. She is definitely the best and most professional communication coach to work with!"

VP Operations

"Barbara is an amazing communicator, she has a sharp creative instinct and the ability to adapt to any topic and style."

Dorit Ritter

Independent Filmmaker

"Working with Barbara is always enriching, always professional and with a great grace that belongs only to her."

Ran Elisha

VP Assets

International projects have finally become an
integral part of my professional life

"International projects have finally become an integral part of my professional life. I thank Barbara for the tools, skills and confidence she has given me to do this."

Ifat Eckstein

Founder & Psychotherapist

Dr. Ofer Marbach


"Barbara exhibits an impressive ability to induce and deduce ideas, and a winning combination of emotional intelligence and professionalism that enable significant improvements in language and communication together with a deep personal connection to the strengths and weakness that each one of us has and how we can overcome or leverage them to our success."

Lilach Dora

Founder and CEO

"Barbara has given me the desire to be more and more precise and to go out there with my messages."


Tips, Tools & Strategies

Acing your English presentation

Presentations are a big deal, especially when they’re not in your native language. Beyond the slides and the talk, standing up in front of an audience is stressful no matter your age or experience. That’s why at POWER English, we


Relocation is a major move – different language, different culture, different ways of thinking and doing things. The complexity grows according to family status and age impacting your site of

Power English

Communicating is a huge part of who we are. Understanding our environment, processing and creating meaning from information, expressing our desires and ideas are must have skills for communication in today’s global world. When the language and strategies necessary are missing, we will not be able to communicate effectively. This is especially true when English is not our native language.

In many countries, English is learned as a second language at school and is a must do subject for matriculation and academic studies. With at least 12 years of learning English by the end of college, why is it that so many people feel uncomfortable about expressing themselves in English? For some, this discomfort creates a vicious circle of avoidance and loss of opportunity to create a change – a break through the barrier.

The innovative POWER English approach helps to navigate the gap between self perception and communicative ability. It enables you, the second language speaker, to become the ‘owner’ of the language, sensitive to intercultural aspects, free of the ideal of ‘becoming a native speaker’ and aware that communicative identity – who I am and who I want to be taken for – is part of every interaction. POWER English creates effective communicators – successful people who reach for their dreams and achieve them.

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Power English

היכולת לתקשר היא חלק חשוב ממי שאנחנו. הבנת הסביבה, עיבוד ויצירת משמעות מתוך מידע, הבעת הרצונות והרעיונות שלנו – כל אלה הן מיומנויות שחייבים לפתח כדי לתקשר בעולם הגלובלי בו אנו חיים. בהיעדר השפה המתאימה ואסטרטגיות התקשורת הדרושות, לא נצליח להביע את עצמנו כפי שהיינו רוצים, דבר הנכון במיוחד כאשר אנגלית היא לא שפת האם שלנו.

במדינות רבות ברחבי העולם, אנגלית נלמדת כשפה שניה בבית הספר והיא מקצוע חובה הן בבחינות הבגרות והן בלימודים האקדמיים. אך אם לפחות 12 שנות לימוד מאחוריהם, מדוע כל כך הרבה אנשים חשים חוסר נוחות ובטחון עצמי כשהם נדרשים לבטא את עצמם באנגלית? עבור אחדים, אי נוחות זה עלול לגרום למעגל קסמים המוביל להמנעות ולהחמצת כל הזדמנות לפריצת המחסום.

גישת ה- POWER ENGLISH היחודית עוזרת לנווט את הפער שנוצר בין איך אדם תופס את עצמו לבין היכולת לתקשר. היא מאפשרת לכם – דוברי השפה השנייה – להפוך לבעליה של השפה, תוך רגישות להיבטים הבין-תרבותיים ושחרור מהאידיאל של “הפיכה לדוברים ברמת שפת אם”. POWER ENGLISH מצמיחה מתקשרים אפקטיביים – אנשים מצליחים שהולכים בעקבות החלומות שלהם ומגשימים אותם.

Power Talk

Power Talk is an enriching presentation based on the innovative Power English approach developed from extensive research and experience. Through Power Talk, audiences can understand the 3 main components necessary to communicate more effectively: language, communicative ability, and confidence. Opening a window to what underlies self-expression in a foreign language, Power Talk brings new insights and knowhow into succeeding in today’s global world.

Power Workshop

Power Workshops are created to give managers and leaders relevant skills and tools to cope with the challenges of today’s global business world. Based on an innovative approach, Power Workshops enhance communicative ability in English while developing participants’ skillset in executing Powerful Presentations and Effective Emails.

Power Team

Power English creates customized trainings for small groups and teams according to the needs of the participants and the demands of their organizations. Power English trainings can be business oriented, general, technical, professional, and the following issues may be focused on accordingly: Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations, Face-to-face & Virtual Communication, Navigating Data, Emails and more.


Power English One-to-One is based on an innovative approach that enhances communicative ability in English and bridges the communication barrier to success. Power English creates personalized coaching programs for leaders, managers and professionals wishing to achieve a goal or fulfil a vision that requires communicating effectively in English